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  • What types of issues can be address with the Emotion Code and Body Code?
    The Emotion Code and Body Code help release imbalances and energy related to almost anything. In my work with clients, I've seen relief from pain, grief, anxiety, limiting beliefs, migraines, allergies, chronic health conditions, skin issues, PTSD, and more. If you have questions about specific issues, please reach out.
  • What’s different about the Emotion Code and Body Code compared to other healing modalities?
    The Emotion Code and Body Code are unique in their focus on identifying and releasing specific energetic blocks that may be contributing to health issues, rather than just treating symptoms. By using muscle testing to communicate with the subconscious mind, we allowing for a more personalized and targeted approach to healing and releasing imbalances and energies.
  • What's a Heart Wall?
    Heart Walls are made up of layers of trapped emotions that your subconscious mind places around your heart to protect you. A Heart Wall can limit your ability to give and receive love and feel other positive emotions. Having a Heart Wall can contribute to feelings of isolation, sadness, and other emotional problems. When you release your Heart Wall, you will feel lighter, more joy, more compassion in your relationships, ease in communication, and expansiveness which allows magic to flow to you. Whether you are ready to spark a new romance, level up in your career, or boost your financial abundance, when your Heart Wall is down, you naturally open up to opportunities for more joy and better health.
  • What is the Emotion Code?
    The Emotion Code is a system developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson that helps identify and release trapped emotions, which are emotional energies that can become trapped in the body during times of intense emotion. These trapped emotions can cause physical and emotional problems such as discomfort, blocks to success, anxiety, depression, and other issues. The Emotion Code uses muscle testing and other techniques to identify and release these trapped emotions, which can lead to a greater sense of emotional freedom and wellbeing.
  • What is the Body Code?
    The Body Code is a more comprehensive system and the evolution of the Emotion Code. The Body Code addresses a broader range of imbalances in the body, including trapped emotions, nutritional deficiencies, toxins, and structural misalignments. It helps identify and release these imbalances by addressing the underlying causes of physical and emotional discomfort. The Body code can help you remove energy blocks, emotional blockages, and body imbalances that may be keeping you from moving forward, success, causing chronic pain, and limiting your ability to move past traumas.
  • How many sessions are needed to see results?
    The number of sessions needed varies based on the individual and their specific issues. Some people may see improvement after just one session, while others may benefit from multiple sessions to achieve long-term healing and balance.
  • How many sessions will it take to remove my Heart Wall?
    On average Heart Walls can take 3-5 sessions to remove.
  • What is muscle testing?
    Muscle testing can be used to tap into the subconscious mind to answer questions about physical, mental, and emotional well-being.It’s a noninvasive method designed to determine the potential underlying causes of ailments and discomfort — everything from nutritional needs to trapped emotions.
  • How do Pet sessions work?
    Pet sessions are also done via proxy. I tune into your pet and release trapped emotions or imbalances. Reports are sent via email once complete.
  • What's the difference between an email and zoom/phone session.
    In person Zoom/Phone sessions are done with you. I will find a release imbalances with you in a session. An email session is done remotely also known as a proxy session. I connect to your energy via proxy muscle testing (just as I do in a zoom/phone session) and you receive a session report with notes. Some clients prefer email sessions because they can be conveniently scheduled easily. It is just as effective as in person session and it also a more affordable option.
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